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Programming with your success in Mind

Every business operates according to its own rules. We understand that - that's why we look for unique solutions for your company

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Experts in cutting-edge IT Technologies

Every year brings fresh innovations. We stay on top of technology, offering you services that are modern and flexible

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Meet the industry 4.0 Standard

The increasing digitization of industry opens up a number of challenges and new opportunities. See how we deal with them!

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Your career path in it

You'll take the next step on your career path. We focus on excellence and satisfaction of our team.

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Powerful Tailor-Made Solutions

Experience the transformative power of Industry 4.0: automation, connectivity, and data-driven insights. We offer software solutions that meet the challenges of your business.


Seamless Connectivity

Connect your systems and data with our integration solutions. Streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and drive efficiency.

Legacy Systems

Elevate Your Foundation

Unlock the potential of your existing infrastructure with our legacy systems expertise. We help you modernize and extend the life of your technology investments.

Custom Development

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Tailor-made solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our custom development services empower your organization with technology built to your exact specifications.

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From idea to

Our goal is to transparently guide the client through the entire project implementation process.
The result is an intelligent solution tailored to your individual needs.

UX/UI Design
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We're just a click away! Get in touch with us and let us find the perfect IT solution for your needs.

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Your Company's Growth is our priority

"They are always open to our needs while offering valuable insight and alternative options whenever possible"

Brian Magur

IT Coordinator, Verge America Ltd

"They often convinced me out of my ideas,
and they were always right."

Piotr Słup-Ostrawski

Owner, Veterinary Information Database

"They really care about their customers
and do high-quality work."

Nico Nicholas

Chairman, Rentals Combined

Over 14 years
of joint innovation

Our software changes and evolves together with your business.
Our customers appreciate this and trust us.
Long-term partnerships are definitely our strong point.

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Case Study
Verge Sport

For Verge Sport, a global clothing brand, we created a modern website and online store, fully integrated with their global production and distribution system. We took care of the automation of sales processes, reducing labor costs and enabling the brand's customers to place orders quickly and reliably - wherever they are.

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view of an empty dentist practice

Case Study
Xo Care

For Danish dental equipment manufacturer XO Care, we designed and developed their new product and information website. We also provided complete integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system used by the company, thus improving communication with key partners and customers of the brand.

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Space rocket components set up in a factory environment

Case Study

At the production plant of Hutchinson, a global leader in transportation technology, we automated the process of quality control. Implementation of our proprietary solution significantly shortened the entire process and improved data reporting for further analysis.

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