A worker in a orange vest and security hat in a factory looking at a large steel element hanging from a crane above

Case Study - Hutchinson

Automation of quality control

Digitization of data transmission and automation of quality control in customer factories

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About Hutchinson

The Hutchinson Group is a global company with over 160 years of success and innovation. Founded in 1853, the company created car and bicycle tires, coated fabric for the first airplanes and airships, and a variety of accessories for many industries. The spread of plastics brought further breakthroughs. Today, the Hutchinson Group creates intelligent solutions for land, sea, air and space transportation around the world.


Hutchinson SA


Poland / France


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Space rocket components set up in a factory environment
The challenge

The customer’s European factories, which produce high-quality seals for the automotive industry, needed to modernize their quality control process. Until now, the process had been analog: from monitoring the performance of each machine, to recording data, to providing measurement results to management. Our task was to create from the ground up a system for measuring and reporting quality control, corresponding to the Industry 4.0 standard.

A worker in a orange vest and security hat in a factory looking at a large steel element hanging from a crane above
Closeup view of steel pipes
The solution

In order to meet this difficult task, we got to know the client’s needs and procedures thoroughly, creating a detailed specification and collecting guidelines from employees on different levels of the organization. While working on the new system we used Azure, .NET and Angular, constructing an entirely digital system measuring OEE indicators for the whole factory from scratch.

production line of car doors in a factory
view in a very big but empty factory building with steel pillars and the roof visible
The results

By implementing our proprietary solution, we managed to significantly automate the quality control process and shorten it by over 90%. Employees evaluate finished parts and enter the results with one touch on tablets integrated with the system. Data on production efficiency are automatically organized and reported to the management. The system has met with an enthusiastic response from the client and we are working on its further development. Currently, the system is being implemented in other customer’s factories. In the next stage, we plan to ensure automatic data transfer by machines and full digitalization of production in accordance with the Industry 4.0 idea.

Looking at a machine with the hands of two operators visible in front of it with one holding a tablet
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A worker in a orange vest and security hat in a factory looking at a large steel element hanging from a crane above


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