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professional cyclists on a road cycling towards the observer

Case Study
Verge Sport

For Verge Sport, a global clothing brand, we created a modern website and online store, fully integrated with their global production and distribution system. We took care of the automation of sales processes, reducing labor costs and enabling the brand's customers to place orders quickly and reliably - wherever they are.

two professional cyclists on a road in orange tops
view of an empty dentist practice

Case Study
XO Care

For Danish dental equipment manufacturer XO Care, we designed and developed their new product and information website. We also provided complete integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system used by the company, thus improving communication with key partners and customers of the brand.

picture of a dentist chair
Space rocket components set up in a factory environment

Case Study

At the production plant of Hutchinson, a global leader in transportation technology, we automated the process of quality control. Implementation of our proprietary solution significantly shortened the entire process and improved data reporting for further analysis.

A worker in a orange vest and security hat in a factory looking at a large steel element hanging from a crane above
Two scientists in white overalls with masks

Case Study

For a global player in the medical accessories market, we performed the integration of a multi-channel sales system with the company’s ERP. Our solution automates conversion of sales data from Plentymarkets, optimizing international ordering and distribution network.

Lobsters in a crate with a worker in blue gloves taking out one
Closeup of watercolors in a tray

Case Study

A German producer of construction chemicals and tools decided to enter the e-commerce market. Using Plentymarkets we created a modern online store using cross-platform sales automation.

Workers renovating an office, one of whom is wearing a mask and spraying paint
grand view of a landscape with the lower third green fields, the rest sky and a string of professional cyclists on the horizon

Case Study
Verge Production Management

Verge Sport, a sportswear company, faced the challenge of implementing a number of improvements inside its production management system / ERP. Using the Azure platform and ASP.NET framework, we migrated the existing functionality to more modern technological solutions

a pro cycling peleton on a country lane in the sun
room plants being watered

Case Study

Pemicont, a German manufacturer of mattresses and children’s bedding, faced a challenge to improve sales and logistics of its products. We extended the functionality of the legacy desktop system to a new web application integrating with Plentymarkets and Baselinker.

woman sitting among plants
Two businesspeople in a large office in front of floor to ceiling windows

Case Study
Multinational Professional Services Network

For a global consulting firm, we rebuilt highly specialized software that serves as a tax configurator. Relying on the Azure platform and .NET Core technology, we significantly reduced failure rates and migrated key functions to more modern technologies.

Warehouse with shelves and employees from above

Case Study
European PArcel Logistics

For a European logistics company specializing in the use of parcel lockers, we created a multilingual application dedicated to couriers. The goal was to design a stable solution using Xamarin Forms that would work from a smartphone and in an offline mode.

Boxes in a living room
Traditional production of a glass object using a long steel rod to turn the red hot glass into shape

Case Study
Krosno Glass

A Polish glassware manufacturing company faced the challenge of expanding its products into foreign markets. It was necessary to prepare stores that catered to the selected markets. Due to its scalability, we utilized the Plentymarkets platform to create a representation of the Polish store.

Production of glass
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