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How to cope with employee turnover in IT

In the tech world, companies often face a common problem - employees leaving. This is especially tricky when it comes to IT developers. As the need for specific skills grows and the competition for the best IT experts gets tougher, companies are facing a challenging situation.Traditional strategies for dealing with employee turnover have been commonly used. These involve improving pay, offering flexible schedules, and building a positive company culture. Even companies offering weekly haircuts, massages, yoga and dance lessons, not to mention free lunches, fruits and alcoholic beverages, have

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5 Key Traits of a Scrum Master: How to Succeed in This Role

Scrum, an Agile framework, is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The Scrum Master is a key role responsible for upholding Scrum principles. Success as a Scrum Master requires deep knowledge of Agile, strong communication, empathy, problem-solving skills, and a passion for improvement. Implementing Scrum may pose challenges but offers long-term benefits like increased productivity and team satisfaction.

Building web applications: Blazor vs. Angular

Has the moment arrived for us to relegate Angular to the past and unanimously transition to Blazor? Or perhaps, could it be that Blazor, as the successor to Razor, is afflicted from the same issues as its predecessor? In light of the recent opportunity that arose within our company to initiate a project from the ground up, utilizing Blazor, this article aims to explore the insights gained during this process.


Is IT Outsourcing Right for My Business? Key Questions to Consider

In the dynamic landscape of software creation, where innovation and efficiency are paramount, the concept of IT outsourcing has emerged as a strategic alternative that's catching the attention of businesses worldwide. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, companies are faced with the challenge of acquiring specialized skills to bring their software visions to life.

IT Outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development

Have you ever imagined mobile applications that understand your speech, tailor content to your interests, and analyze images to provide you with exactly what you need? The world is currently undergoing a revolution thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Discover how AI is revolutionizing mobile app development by offering unique interactions and personalized experiences.

Updating the appearance of an Umbraco-based online store - Case Study

Based on the Umbraco v7 system, the appearance of the online store for Verge Sport company has been updated. The main tasks included expanding the editing capabilities from the administrative panel and optimizing the platform's speed by improving the blocks and implementing delayed loading.

Case Study

IT Outsourcing vs. Full-Time Hiring

In the landscape of the software industry, the success of a business hinges on its ability to assemble the right team with the right skills.One of the questions on every tech entrepreneur's mind: how do you get the best talent on board? In this pursuit, two basic strategies have emerged: IT Outsourcing and full-time hiring. Both approaches offer unique advantages and challenges, and understanding their nuances is essential for companies looking for developers aiming to secure a competitive edge.

IT Outsourcing

Fail Fast, Learn Faster: How does MVP help avoid costly mistakes?

The IT world has been demanding rapid responses to all sorts of changes and novelties for some time now. With each new project, it's important to remember that the risk of making costly mistakes during software development is always present. That's why the growing popularity of the 'Fail Fast, Learn Faster' approach and the use of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) are practices that significantly contribute to minimizing risk and effectively avoiding expensive errors. How to minimize risk by utilizing the aforementioned practices? You will find out from the further part of the article.

Effective Interface Localization: Practical Guidelines

In the current digital world, reaching a global audience is essential. Translations break language barriers and make users feel at home. However, managing translations isn't easy. It's not just about changing words; it's about making sense culturally and technically. How can projects handle this challenge? This article covers technical aspects of interface localization. For developers and project managers, these insights can be invaluable. They offer a roadmap through the complexities of translation, ensuring projects stand out in various languages.


Maximizing developer efficiency

In the fast-paced world of software development, getting things done efficiently and coming up with new ideas is really important. With more and more lines of code and complicated projects, developers have to deal with a lot of tough problems. In this world, time is super valuable, and being able to write really good code quickly can be a game-changer. This is where artificial intelligence and coding skills mix together, bringing in a whole new way of developing that's all about working smarter, not harder.

Creating a functional online store based on PlentyMarkets - Case study

In today's digital era, a well-functioning online store has become a crucial tool for companies looking to sell their products or services. For the Polish company Krosno S.A, we created a modern online store based on the PlentyMarkets system. As part of this project, a multilingual platform was developed to facilitate Krosno S.A's expansion into foreign markets. The main challenge was to create a precise reflection of the Polish company's online store. This involved a significant amount of customization that we had to implement on the ready-made PlentyMarkets engine.

Case Study

Effective work planning in Scrum

Effective and efficient work planning plays a crucial role in the success of the Scrum methodology. In a dynamic business environment, it is essential to have the right strategy and tools to manage a project effectively. Sprint Planning is one of the key events in Scrum, enabling the team to develop an action plan for the upcoming sprint.Do you want to learn what sprint planning is, the methods of estimation, and how to engage the team? You will find all of this in the following part of the article.

Introduction to Microsoft Blazor

In recent times, Blazor has become a highly popular technology in the field of web application development. Due to its increasing popularity, we decided to explore its practical implementation. As a result, we created our first application based on Blazor. In this article, we aim to share our insights and discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing this technology.


AI tools for designers

In recent years, artificial intelligence has made its way into various aspects of life, and the field of design is no exception. We are currently witnessing a revolution that impacts the process of designing and creating aesthetic and functional solutions. As AI advances, the roles and tasks of designers are also evolving. Let’s take a closer look at some tools that assist designers in their daily work.

How to effectively optimize factory work – Case study

In the modern manufacturing sector, where the pace of change and growing customer demands are on a daily basis , efficiency and process optimization have become key factors determining success. One of the most significant challenges faced by manufacturing companies is the speed of order fulfillment. Often, customers placing orders expect them to be shipped the next day, without considering that the manufacturing company has a certain capacity.

Case Study

Good retrospective, what does it mean?

Retrospective in IT projects is a process of reflection and analysis that takes place after the completion of a specific task or project. It is a practice used in agile methodologies to enable teams to identify what worked well, what can be improved, and what lessons can be learned from past work. Retrospectives allow the team to learn from past experiences. Team members can identify effective strategies and practices that will contribute to increased efficiency in future projects. Retrospectives also enable the identification of any obstacles that hinder or limit their effectiveness.

Benefits and Traps of AI in IT

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative and dynamically developing fields in IT. In practice, the use of AI technology can be found in almost every industry, from medicine and finance to education and entertainment. However, it is in the IT field where artificial intelligence finds its greatest use, enabling the creation of intelligent systems that recognize patterns, predict user behavior, and automate complex processes. Increasingly advanced tools are being created that allow programmers to easily implement new technologies in their projects.

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