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We hire experts

We have been on the market for more than 15 years during which
we have developed a unique process of recruiting top talent.

5000 CV's

Number of resumes processed each month


Percent of candidates pass the initial screening


Percent of candidates pass the final round

1 Years

Average employee experience

What makes us Different

We have been on the market for more than 15 years during which
we have developed a unique process of recruiting top talent.

Flexi LeasE

We give our clients the flexibility by adapting to their needs. For example, by making it easy to switch specialists if the project changes or if a different skill set is required.

Skills verification

When we hire employees, we verify their programming skills before offering them to clients - they are our employees, so we are 100% aware of their knowledge.

Experience of Developers

We have worked with diverse clients from around the globe - this allows us to pass on employees with extensive experience.

It's very simple

See the process from initial contact to handing you a top-notch IT specialist for your project.

Sending a request

All you have to do is tell us what you need, and within one business day we will get in touch and determine how we can help you.

We hire 1/400 of the best resumes received

Offer and CV

Once we know your needs, we will prepare an offer within one business day and send out resumes of specialists matching your needs.

Our clients decide on 8/10 specialists sent

Selection of employees

You choose the specialists most suited to your preferences - this stage will take exactly as long as you need.

Start the project

Don't bother with complicated processes. SKM Group will deliver the developers you need for your project in the timeframe set by you.

Create a team and get going in a matter of days

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We Work With The Biggest:
Case Study PWC

For PWC, we rebuilt highly specialized software that serves as a tax configurator. Relying on the Azure platform and .NET Core technology, we significantly reduced failure rates and migrated key functions to more modern technologies.

See case study

Why is it worth using
IT Outsourcing?

How can IT Outsourcing help in the successful implementation of your projects?

Risk Reduction

Choosing IT outsourcing is a strategic move to curb financial risks. Unlike traditional hiring, which involves onboarding costs, benefits, and potential turnover expenses, outsourcing offers expert IT solutions without the added overhead. It provides flexibility, cost predictability, and ensures you're only paying for expertise when needed.

In the event of a project ending, you can return our expert to us without termination cost


Greater Flexibility

Embracing IT outsourcing is synonymous with achieving unparalleled flexibility. As business needs fluctuate, outsourcing providing specialized resources without the constraints of traditional staffing. This adaptability ensures operations stay nimble, responsive, and tailored to dynamic demands

The process of onboarding an employee from our recommendation takes only a few days.


Instant Expertise

Lack in-house tech expertise? IT outsourcing bridges that gap instantly. Recruiting a dedicated team can be time-consuming; outsourcing fills the gaps where your company lacks specialists.

Lacking expertise in specialist technologies? SKM can deliver


Time Savings

Time is the most valuable currency in business. With IT outsourcing, you sidestep the prolonged processes of recruitment and training. Instead, you gain immediate access to ready-to-deploy expertise, accelerating your projects and ensuring timely delivery.


Usually the process of onboarding an employee from our recommendation takes less than a week


Our recruitment process focuses on processing large amounts of talents and efficiency. We constantly evaluate an impressive number of CVs, ensuring a comprehensive review to identify the best talents. We mainly focus on developers hailing from the EU and the US.

Recognizing the global nature of today's tech landscape, our process goes beyond verifying pure coding skills. We prioritize candidates
with a demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and adaptability to keep up with ever-evolving IT industry trends and technologies. A strong passion for problem-solving and a collaborative spirit, qualities that are integral to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions, are also key.

years of

Our journey in outsourcing began with a partnership between SKM Group and Comarch, a Polish multinational software house and systems integrator based in Kraków and one of Poland's biggest companies.

This was a major milestone that took place a decade ago. It collaboration launched our outsourcing services, bringing top-notch talent to Comarch. Through this partnership, we demonstrated the high skills of our experts, establishing us as a reliable and respected provider of IT knowledge.

Since then, we've learned a lot and helped a large number of businesses by bringing them skilled experts. Our reputation comes from getting great results, forging strong partnerships, and changing with the ever-evolving world of technology.

Two men at a desk discussing over a notebook
What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing, also known as staff augmentation, refers to the practice of hiring skilled and specialized professionals, such as software developers, data analysts, and IT consultants, from external companies on a temporary basis to work on specific projects or tasks.

This allows businesses to access the expertise they need without the long-term commitment and costs associated with hiring full-time employees. In essence, it's like "renting" the skills and knowledge of these professionals for the duration of a project.

Future-Proof .NET Solutions

Whether your focus is ASP.NET, .NET Core, or MVC, our seasoned developers are here to deliver excellence. Experience not just rapid development but also robust, secure and future-proof software.

React logo


React Excellence Delivered

Outsource your React projects to experts who breathe this technology. From dynamic single-page applications to intricate web interfaces, our team ensures impeccable performance, scalability, and user experience, setting you apart from the competition.

Angular logo


Utilize The Power Of Angular

Dive deep into the dynamic world of Angular with our top-tier IT outsourcing solutions. Our seasoned specialists craft impeccable web applications, ensuring every line of code propels your business forward.

Java logo


Unlock the full potential of Java

Whether it's building robust applications or optimizing legacy systems, our team ensures top-tier solutions tailored to your needs. Dive into the world of Java, backed by unmatched expertise.

Node.js Logo


Node.js Expertise Beyond Compare

With years of hands-on experience, we bring your Node.js projects to life with precision and passion, ensuring technical excellence every step of the way.

Custom plug-in for Chrome - automation of reporting process

Custom Chrome plug-in from SKM Group revolutionizes report management in beauty salons by automating and optimizing processes in Versum. The article discusses the challenges of manual reporting, the plug-in's features, and the benefits

Case Study

A Day in the Life of an Project Manager

Discover the dynamic and multifaceted role of a Project Manager in an IT company. Explore a typical day filled with challenges, task management, team interactions, and stakeholder coordination.

Managing an International Team: Key Challenges

Navigating remote work and IT outsourcing? Discover how to leverage the cultural and geographic diversity of international teams to drive innovation while addressing common challenges.

IT Outsourcing

Simple steps to solve technical problems yourself - Before you call the developer

Encountering technical problems is inevitable in our tech-driven lives. This article outlines basic steps to troubleshoot common issues like internet connectivity, software bugs, and peripheral device problems.

IT Outsourcing

Integration of Sales between PlentyMarkets and Allegro through Baselinker

Automate your inventory management and expand your sales channels effortlessly! Our client faced challenges integrating their vast inventory with Allegro, Poland's top marketplace, due to their existing system's limitations.

Case Study

Inclusivity in software design: Challenges and solutions

Inclusive software enhances user engagement and promotes a positive brand image, making it a strategic business asset. Create inclusive software designs that cater to all users, regardless of their abilities, age, or cultural background.

IT Outsourcing

How to meet the challenges of artificial intelligence

How to meet the challenges of artificial intelligence? Discover strategic means for enterprises, including IT outsourcing, to effectively manage AI integration.

How we created a valuation app – Case Study

In the IT industry, project pricing can be a time-consuming challenge. Our innovative tool streamlines the process, allowing for accurate quotes, scope analysis, and time management.

Case Study

IT project performance indicators: How to measure success?

By focusing on KPIs such as Return on Investment (ROI), Time to Market, code quality, and customer satisfaction, organizations can optimize resources, improve processes, and ensure project success.

Business agility: How IT outsourcing supports HR

Discover how IT outsourcing revolutionizes HR management, enhancing agility and efficiency. Explore benefits like cost reduction, access to global talent, and streamlined processes.

IT Outsourcing

Sales Process Automation with AI: From Leads to Deal Closure

Discover how AI revolutionizes sales processes, from lead generation to post-sale support. Explore the pivotal role of custom software development in maximizing AI's potential for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Efficient communication between the business and the IT team: The key to successful projects

IT project management requires effective communication between IT and the business. The article explores the differences in priorities and mindsets between the two parties, presenting strategies and tools to facilitate this exchange of information.

AI and the future of work: revolution or risk?

Discover how artificial intelligence is reshaping the workforce landscape, from job displacement to new opportunities. Dive into the transformative power of AI, exploring its role in increasing efficiency and creating new jobs.

Use of .NET in embedded systems programming

Develop software for embedded systems using .NET with nanoFramework. Learn how to leverage C# for microcontrollers like ESP32 to build applications, like a weather station measuring temperature, pressure & humidity.


User Stories: How to write clear and understandable requirements

Learn why User Stories are crucial in modern IT projects. Discover how to craft clear and concise User Stories, focusing on user needs and benefits. Explore tools and methods to streamline the process and ensure project success.

How to Find Diamonds in IT? Secrets of Skills Verification

Discover the importance of accurate technical skills assessment in IT recruitment. Explore methods like technical interviews, online tests, live coding, and homework assignments.

IT Outsourcing

Innovation in practice: IT projects financed by EU funds

Discover SKM Group's expertise in EU-funded IT projects, from innovative mobile platforms to personalized customer experiences. Explore how our support, from proposal writing to implementation, leverages EU funds to drive IT industry growth

Case Study

Technology Trends Guide 2024: What's Next?

Explore the trends shaping the future in 2024, from AI, IoT, and Blockchain breakthroughs to sustainability and the digital health revolution. Learn how IT outsourcing can be your key to adaptation, providing access to expert specialists.


Agile time management: Time-boxing and Pomodoro

Explore agile time management with Time-boxing and Pomodoro techniques. Learn how to seamlessly apply these methods in your professional and personal life

A summary of 2023 in artificial intelligence development

Discover the groundbreaking changes that shaped the landscape of artificial intelligence in 2023. From the expansion of autonomous decision-making systems to the transformative impact of deep machine learning in various industries.

More than Code: How Soft Skills Shape of IT Professionals

Explore the role of soft skills in diverse IT roles, from programming to client interactions, and learn how they contribute to effective collaboration, innovative problem-solving, and lasting client relationships.

IT Outsourcing

How to manage an IT Outsourcing team: Best practices

Learn best practices for managing your IT outsourcing team and turning challenges into growth opportunities. Learn about the different types of outsourcing contracts

IT Outsourcing

Methods of effective IT project management

IT project management is the process of planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling resources, activities and time to successfully implement IT-related projects. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from defining project goals

Trees4Travel system - benefits and use cases of JSON Editor

Web applications frequently rely on storing and processing data entered through forms. These are typically used in predefined scenarios, where the backend application expects specific data from specific API requests.


Using artificial intelligence in live speech translation

Explore the transformative world of live speech translation powered by artificial intelligence! From business meetings to educational settings, discover the diverse applications of speech translation technology.

How to give constructive feedback effectively?

Assessing the work of others and expressing opinions about their achievements is a crucial element of effective management and development. We are sharing knowledge about feedback, its functions, and methods of giving and receiving it.

Handling quality control during the production process - Case study

Explore how our collaboration with an international automotive parts manufacturer led to the development of an innovative quality assessment system. Learn how our client experienced significant benefits and including scrap reduction.

Case Study

Contentful review: Empowering content creation and management

Unlock content creation efficiency with Contentful, a flexible and scalable CMS. Explore its seamless integration, AI-based model generation, and versatile support for various content types.


Artificial intelligence in IT project management

Elevate your IT project management with artificial intelligence. Discover how AI automates tasks, optimizes processes, and provides valuable insights. Explore AI's role in automation, budget management, data analysis and risk identification.

The importance of effective relationship management in IT projects

Explore the key stakeholders, from project teams and management to clients, end users, and external partners. Learn how building strong relationships at every stage enhances communication, fosters teamwork, and ensures project success.

Effective SEO website optimization strategies: Steps to success

Elevate your website's visibility with SEO website optimization. Learn practical strategies for effective optimization, from choosing the right keywords to optimizing titles, headers, and content.

Case Study

How to Choose the Perfect IT Outsourcing Company: 5 Key Factors

Ready to revolutionize your IT strategy? Learn the top 5 factors for choosing the perfect outsourcing partner. How can understanding your business needs drive IT success? Who are the key players in the global IT outsourcing market?

IT Outsourcing

Not only ChatGPT: Fascinating alternatives in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the comparison of leading chatbots, including ChatGPT, MonicaAI, ClaudeAI, Bing, PerplexityAI, and WriteSonic, understanding their functionalities, advantages, and drawbacks.

Microsoft PowerPages: The future of application development or another failed CMS?

Delve into Microsoft's promotion of PowerPages, its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, and its aim to simplify application development for non-programmers. Follow SKM Group's journey in testing PowerPages and revealing encountered problems.


How to cope with employee turnover in IT

In the tech world, companies often face a common problem - employees leaving. This is especially tricky when it comes to IT developers. As the need for specific skills grows and the competition for the best IT experts gets tougher.

IT Outsourcing

5 Key Traits of a Scrum Master: How to Succeed in This Role

Understand the crucial role of a Scrum Master in maintaining a productive work environment and supporting team development. Explore the key factors that contribute to the success of a Scrum Master, from implementing Scrum principles.

Building web applications: Blazor vs. Angular

Has the moment arrived for us to relegate Angular to the past and unanimously transition to Blazor? Or perhaps, could it be that Blazor, as the successor to Razor, is afflicted from the same issues as its predecessor?


Is IT Outsourcing Right for My Business? Key Questions to Consider

In the dynamic landscape of software creation, where innovation and efficiency are paramount, the concept of IT outsourcing has emerged as a strategic alternative that's catching the attention of businesses worldwide.

IT Outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development

Have you ever imagined mobile applications that understand your speech, tailor content to your interests, and analyze images to provide you with exactly what you need? The world is currently undergoing a revolution thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Updating the appearance of an Umbraco-based online store - Case Study

Based on the Umbraco v7 system, the appearance of the online store for Verge Sport company has been updated. The main tasks included expanding the editing capabilities from the administrative panel and optimizing the platform's speed.

Case Study

IT Outsourcing vs. Full-Time Hiring

In the landscape of the software industry, the success of a business hinges on its ability to assemble the right team with the right skills.One of the questions on every tech entrepreneur's mind: how do you get the best talent on board?

IT Outsourcing

Fail Fast, Learn Faster: How does MVP help avoid costly mistakes?

The IT world has been demanding rapid responses to all sorts of changes and novelties for some time now. With each new project, it's important to remember that the risk of making costly mistakes during software development is always present.

Effective Interface Localization: Practical Guidelines

In the current digital world, reaching a global audience is essential. Translations break language barriers and make users feel at home. However, managing translations isn't easy.


Maximizing developer efficiency

In the fast-paced world of software development, getting things done efficiently and coming up with new ideas is really important. With more and more lines of code and complicated projects, developers have to deal with a lot of tough problems.

Creating a functional online store based on PlentyMarkets - Case study

In today's digital era, a well-functioning online store has become a crucial tool for companies looking to sell their products or services. For the Polish company Krosno S.A, we created a modern online store based on the PlentyMarkets system.

Case Study

Effective work planning in Scrum

Effective and efficient work planning plays a crucial role in the success of the Scrum methodology. In a dynamic business environment, it is essential to have the right strategy and tools to manage a project effectively.

Introduction to Microsoft Blazor

In recent times, Blazor has become a highly popular technology in the field of web application development. Due to its increasing popularity, we decided to explore its practical implementation.


AI tools for designers

Artificial intelligence has made its way into various aspects of life, and the field of design is no exception. We are currently witnessing a revolution that impacts the process of designing and creating aesthetic and functional solutions.

Benefits and Traps of AI in IT

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative and dynamically developing fields in IT. In practice, the use of AI technology can be found in almost every industry, from medicine and finance to education and entertainment.

Reflection and analysis: Retrospection in IT projects

Retrospective in IT projects is a process of reflection and analysis that takes place after the completion of a specific task or project. It is a practice used in agile methodologies to enable teams to identify what worked well, what can be improved.

How to effectively optimize factory work – Case study

In the modern manufacturing sector, where the pace of change and growing customer demands are on a daily basis , efficiency and process optimization have become key factors determining success.

Case Study
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