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About Verge Sport

Verge Sport is a company founded in 1999 to meet the sports industry’s growing demand for high quality technical clothing. Established and run by individuals with experience in competitive sports, the company offers personalized clothing for cyclists, runners, skiers and triathletes, among others. From shirts and pants to full suits, Verge Sport products are distinguished by their excellent quality and unique design.


Verge Sport


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The challenge

Verge Sport is a U.S. brand with manufacturing infrastructure in Europe and Asia and sales presence around the world. The client wanted the process of ordering clothing to be convenient and as exclusive as the brand’s products. Our task was to create a website and online store, allowing customers from any location to use the offer available in the region in the appropriate language. An additional challenge was to integrate the store with the existing, dedicated production system.

The Solution

First, we focused on a comprehensive recognition of the client’s needs and the end customer. After gathering all the guidelines, we created a clear, modern graphic design, which over time transformed into a fully functional, intuitive online store. The culmination of the work was our unique, original system that simultaneously supports multilingualism and multi-regionalism of the whole website. Multi-language support is nowadays a standard, while integration of a multi-region store with a production and distribution system requires dedicated software.

The Results

The final version of the store is an elegant solution, easy to use and advanced in terms of programming. The system we created allows for seamless integration of orders with the production and distribution management system for the whole world, ensuring the automation of sales processes and reducing labor costs. The whole works fast in a modern, neat graphic design. See for yourself!

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