Updating the appearance of an Umbraco-based online store

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Updating the appearance of an Umbraco-based online store
Case Study

Based on the Umbraco v7 system, the appearance of the online store for Verge Sport company has been updated. The main tasks included expanding the editing capabilities from the administrative panel and optimizing the platform's speed by improving the blocks and implementing delayed loading.

The product view and product list have been refreshed, as well as the top navigation of the store's showcase and the store itself. The challenge in this task was to familiarize oneself with the features of the CMS system and adapt it to meet the client's new objectives.

Verge Sport company and its needs

Verge Sport is a leading sports apparel manufacturer, offering high-quality products for various sports disciplines. Their innovative clothing provides comfort and performance to athletes, with a wide range covering cycling, running, triathlon, and more. Verge Sport aims to incorporate new technologies and materials, collaborates with professionals, and prioritizes ecological sustainability. Innovation is a key element of Verge Sport's philosophy.

The company consistently seeks new technologies that can enhance sports performance and provide comfort to users. They also collaborate with professional athletes to provide them with apparel tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Verge Sport is involved in creating customized stores for clients, allowing customers to design and sell their own clothing through a sub-store format called "Team Store."

Challenges in creating an online store

Being a leading player in the sports apparel industry, Verge Sport had to face several challenges related to website management and the pursuit of improvements that would enhance its online presence and user convenience. One of the main challenges was an outdated website layout and insufficient flexibility in the content management system. This resulted in an inability to showcase the store's promotional materials in a modern way. There were also issues with efficient and enjoyable browsing of products by users.

To address these challenges, Verge Sport set clear objectives. The company aimed to modernize the layout and appearance of its website, ensuring it aligned with the brand identity and provided intuitive navigation. The company needed an advanced content management system that would enable the marketing team to effectively update and manage website content, including product information, images, and promotions.

Why Umbraco? - choosing a content management system

Umbraco is a flexible, user-friendly, and comprehensive content management system that is applicable in various web projects, enabling users to create and manage dynamic websites according to their individual needs. Umbraco CMS primarily offers the flexibility and scalability required to meet the evolving needs of Verge Sport, and it utilizes Microsoft .NET technologies, in which our company specializes.

Pros and Cons of an Umbraco-Based Store


  • User-friendly operation and intuitive administrative interface,
  • Flexibility in designing layout and appearance of the site,
  • Ability to extend the management panel, creating unique and personalized solutions,
  • Comprehensive content management system.


  • Requires advanced knowledge of the .NET platform,
  • Limited community compared to competitive CMS platforms like WordPress, resulting in challenges in resolving certain issues,
  • Complex system updates,
  • Fewer extensions available compared to the competition.

Implemented website enhancements

Utilizing the capabilities of Umbraco CMS, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the website to revitalize its appearance and style. We worked closely with Verge Sport to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that effectively showcased a wide range of sports apparel.

By implementing an enhanced and intuitive navigation structure, we ensured easy movement for visitors across various sections of the website and swift access to necessary information. These enhancements also improved scalability, allowing more information to be presented in a accessible manner. Additionally, editing capabilities for promotional materials were expanded with an increased and improved array of editing blocks within the content management panel. Sample changes are illustrated below.





The website was also enriched with promotional materials for products. The images were optimized for loading speed using delayed loading along with scrolling animations on the page:

Animations were added to the slider, and it was expanded to include the capability of automatically playing videos, which are presented as follows:

Sample changes to promotional materials achievable after expanding the editing capabilities, illustrated using the homepage as an example:

The enhancement of the website layout focused on modernizing the design, improving user comfort, and aligning the website with the brand identity of Verge Sport. Through collaboration between our development company and Verge Sport, we successfully transformed their website into a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that captivates visitors and encourages them to explore and engage with a wide range of sports apparel offerings.

How the work impacted the functioning of the store

The collaboration between our development company and Verge Sport to extend the Umbraco CMS panel and enhance the layout of their website has brought numerous benefits. Advanced content management capabilities enabled their marketing team to efficiently manage and update the website content, resulting in a significant refresh and modernization of the site's appearance. The website now presents itself much better, and navigation has become intuitive. The partnership between Verge Sport and our company serves as an example of how effective collaboration can yield significant results and contribute to long-term growth. If you'd like to start a similar collaboration with us, click here:

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