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Case Study - European parcel logistics

Mobile application for couriers

A multilingual system that works online and offline on various hardware platforms

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About the client

A european logistics company which invested in the development of a network of parcel machines. Thanks to systematic development and the introduction of innovations such as a customer application, the company boasts thousands of parcel machines open 24/7 throughout the country. By shortening the delivery time and reducing transport costs, the brand has largely contributed to the popularization of this service in Poland.


European parcel logistics




Mobile app development




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Warehouse with shelves and employees from above
The challenge

Due to the company’s development and an increase in the number of shipments handled, the client needed a more modern and efficient application for couriers. The existing application worked only on specialized scanners. The new application must also support regular smartphones, processing large amounts of data in close integration with the rest of the client’s system. Offline operation, event queuing and automatic synchronization with the central database after restoration of the Internet connection are also required. As the program is to be used 24/7 by couriers, fast and failure-free operation is a necessary condition.

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The solution

The new application was created from scratch using the latest version of Xamarin Forms. According to the specification, the application works both on smartphones and on different models of laser scanners, for which individual driver packages have been created. The application supports multilingualism and system communication with different technologies. In order to verify the stability and speed of operation we have performed many unit tests and automatic GUI tests.

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The results

Trial use so far shows correct operation of the application according to the customer’s assumptions. Deployment is planned for the third quarter of 2022.

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