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About Hausa

Hausa is a German manufacturer of high quality construction chemicals as well as tools and accessories used on construction sites. The brand’s offer includes, among others, sealants, adhesives, plasters, paints, varnishes and fastening systems. The company is growing rapidly, constantly expanding its range and improving its product formulas.


Hausa GmbH




UX/UI Design

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The challenge

The client decided to use e-commerce solutions offered by Plentymarkets. Our task was to create a personalized online store on the selected platform.

The solution

Using CSS, JavaScript and a built-in editor we created a front-end exceeding the capabilities of templates available to Plentymarkets‘ clients. At the same time we made sure that the custom design and layout of the store perfectly integrated with Plentymarkets’ back-end solutions for online sales.

The results

The Hausa GmbH webshop looks like a classic, modern e-commerce site. Products are clearly divided into categories marked with dedicated icons. New products and best sellers are highlighted. The website uses all the facilities and cross-platform sales automation systems offered by Plentymarkets.

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Store on Plentymarkets - Personalized front-end for a store based on Plentymarkets


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