Case Study - Verge Production Management System

Modernizing a custom ERP

Modernization of production management and migration of functionality from a legacy system

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About Verge Sport

Verge Sport is a company founded in 1999 to meet the sports industry’s growing demand for high quality technical clothing. Established and run by individuals with experience in competitive sports, the company offers personalized clothing for cyclists, runners, skiers and triathletes, among others. From shirts and pants to full suits, Verge Sport products are distinguished by their excellent quality and unique design.


Verge Production Management System


USA / Europe / Asia


UX/UI Design

Front-end development

Back-end development

Legacy migration





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The challenge

The customer’s production infrastructure is located both in Europe and in Asian countries. The existing production management system required improvements in terms of functionality, safety and convenience. Our task was to smoothly take over the work on the system from a Dutch software house and introduce the required upgrades without disturbing the production process.

The solution

After a thorough familiarization with the functionality of the system based on VB.NET and the client’s requirements, we gathered all the necessary information from its creators and set to work. The big challenge was to improve the existing system “live”, while it was being used by the customer. We used the Azure platform and ASP.NET framework for this purpose, gradually migrating functions to newer, more flexible technologies.

The results

We successfully performed key improvements for the client in all important areas of system operation: optimization, security enhancement, extension with new functions and modernization of the user interface. The entire modernization process was carried out in a non-invasive mode and without disturbing the company’s work. The system met expectations and is being developed further.

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