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Tax compliance management

Modernization, migration of functions and optimization of the system used by the customer

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About the client

The client is a multinational professional services network providing a variety of business, legal, tax and technology services in over 150 countries. The U.S.-based division we serve specializes in tax optimization for domestic and international companies. By offering a variety of tax services, it facilitates other businesses to grow dynamically in compliance with applicable laws.


Multinational professional services network


Europe / USA


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The challenge

The client was using highly specialized software that acted as a tax configurator with the ability to compare alternative tax plans. However, the performance of the system left much to be desired in terms of speed, security, transparency, scalability and further development. In close cooperation with the system’s creators and an international team of programmers, we were to perform appropriate upgrades and migrate key functions to newer technologies.

The solution

Our team took care of a thorough rebuilding of the system both on the front- and back-end. We used the Azure platform and .NET Core technology. We supervised the migration from ASP.NET MVC to Angular + .NET Core Web Api, taking care of appropriate training for the client’s development team. In order to increase computing power and disperse calculations, complex tax optimization option calculations are performed in the Azure Functions cloud. Communication between the web application and the aforementioned functions is done via Azure Service Bus.

The results

During a year of working on the system we managed to transform it from a state of instability and high failure rate into a stable working program with the possibility of easy scaling and adding new functions “on the fly”. The system allows for easy creation, transformation, commenting and exporting of working documents, presenting the results of calculations in the form of clear visualizations. Thanks to significantly improved performance and a modernized user interface, the program has been very warmly welcomed by the client and end users.

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